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Skin disease is one of the commonest presentations in reptiles. Many of the problems encountered relate to poor husbandry and nutrition and require education of the owners in addition to treating the condition. This chapter considers anatomy and physiology, ecdysis and dysecdysis, clinical evaluation and a range of specific diseases.

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15.1 Dysecdysis with foot necrosis in a leopard gecko.
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15.2 Dysecdysis in a royal python: (a) retained slough over the head and eyes; (b) slough following removal showing retained spectacles; (c) photomicrograph of a retained spectacle (arrowed) from a garter snake. (Haematoxylin and eosin stain; X10 objective)
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15.3 Reptile dermatology work-up checklist.
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15.5 Blister disease in a garter snake.
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15.6 Casque osteomyelitis and dorsal spine necrosis in a panther chameleon with bacterial septicaemia and end arteriole disease.
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15.7 Shell necrosis in a red-footed tortoise with local osteomyelitis as the result of shell trauma.
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15.8 Aural abscess in a spur-thighed tortoise.
Image of 15.9
15.9 cheilitis in a spiny-tailed lizard. (Courtesy of Paul Raiti)
Image of 15.10
15.10 anamorph of infection in a green iguana. Note yellow lesions on the ventral surface of the right hindlimb.
Image of 15.11
15.11 Harvest mite infestation (orange aggregates of mites) resulting in pruritus, self trauma and periocular oedema in a green iguana.
Image of 15.12
15.12 Petechiae and ecchymosis in an emaciated Burmese python with septicaemia.
Image of 15.14
15.14 Third-degree burn in a monitor lizard.
Image of 15.15
15.15 Benign slow-growing fibroma on the tail of a Berber skink.
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