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The Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP) is the BSAVA's monthly scientific journal, featuring original, peer-reviewed articles, case reports and other scientific and educational information from around the world. The aim of JSAP is to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of new ideas and techniques relating to clinical veterinary practice, and ultimately to promote best practice.

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January issue - Editor's choice

Cutting through the pain

Reducing post-operative pain obviously makes our patients feel better, provides benefits to veterinary personnel – everyone feels good when they know that their patients are contented – and owners appreciate having pets that are comfortable when they return home. There are many paths to this happy state and so it can seem overwhelming knowing which choices to make. In this month’s issue of JSAP Dr Steagall and his colleagues provide an easy-to-follow guide to the use of intraperitoneal and incisional analgesic techniques. As they point out, these techniques are simple, cheap and effective; why not given them a whirl as part of your routine peri-operative pain relief for abdominal surgery?

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December issue - Editor's choice

Happy birthday, JSAP!

In this month’s JSAP, Dr Jane Dobson celebrates the 60th anniversary of the journal by highlighting progress in veterinary oncology since the 1960 publication of ‘Recent treatments of malignant neoplasia’ in JSAP by an early pioneer in the field, Larry Owen.1 The article showcases advances that veterinary oncology has undoubtedly made during these 60 years, while recognizing that some approaches – such as surgical removal of soft tissue sarcoma – have not materially changed much over this time period. It also provides a spur to consider what drives (veterinary) medical progress and so give pointers for what we might expect in future and how we might most usefully guide progress.

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