The Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP)

The Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP) is the BSAVA's monthly scientific journal, featuring original, peer-reviewed articles, case reports and other scientific and educational information from around the world. The aim of JSAP is to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of new ideas and techniques relating to clinical veterinary practice, and ultimately to promote best practice.

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September issue - in JSAP this month

Rationale for hyperbaric oxygen therapy in traumatic injury and wound care in small animal veterinary practice

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is in wide use in human medicine around the world. Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy is available for veterinary use, it is still significantly underutilised. The physical principles, gas laws and physiologic mechanisms by which hyperbaric oxygen therapy is therapeutic, especially in traumatic injuries and complicated wound care, are discussed. Then, considerations are offered for the implementation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in veterinary practices. Finally, a review of clinical indications for veterinary practices, including a presentation of select literature, is provided. Applying hyperbaric oxygen therapy in an earlier and more consistent manner could improve short- and long-term outcomes in complicated wounds. The authors also hope this information may stimulate interest in the design of future, prospective studies for the various clinical situations described.

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August issue - Editor's choice

Key considerations in the approach to congenital heart disease in dogs and cats

Congenital heart disease is an important subset of all cardiovascular disease in dogs and cats that is present at birth and most often detected in young animals but can be diagnosed in adulthood. The range of abnormalities that can occur during development of the heart is vast incorporating simple and complex defects, varying degrees of severity and clinical presentations that include heart failure and cyanosis. While some defects do not result in morbidity in an individual animal, others cause severe clinical signs and death at a young age. This review by Ashley Saunders of Texas A&M University focuses on the advances in imaging and expanding treatment options that offer increasingly more possibilities in the diagnosis and management of congenital heart disease; it provides a broad overview of current practice and highlights key aspects to guide practitioners in their approach to congenital heart disease diagnosis and improve their knowledge of available treatment options.

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