Practice access to the BSAVA Library

What is the BSAVA Library?

The BSAVA Library is much more than a collection of our world-renowned manuals - it provides a resource enabling veterinary staff to discover all of our content, including book chapters, hundreds of hours of lecture recordings from our annual Congress, articles from Companion, drug dosages from the BSAVA Small Animal Formulary and much more, in one place. It also ensures that access is always there when it is needed - no more hunting for the practice copy of a particular manual!

What is the practice package?

A practice subscription to the library provides 12-month access to all the BSAVA manuals, together with the BSAVA Guide to Nutrition, BSAVA Cognitive Aids for Anaesthesia in Small Animal Practice, the BSAVA Guide to Pain Management in Small Animal Practice and the BSAVA/VPIS Guide to Common Canine and Feline Poisons. We are happy to tailor the package to suit your needs, please contact us for more information.

How does access work for practices?

Practice access can be based on IP address, an access link behind a staff login page on your site, or an umbrella account linked to the accounts of the individual veterinarians in your practice.

Using IP recognition allows groups of individuals access to one or more publications from their desktop/laptop without the need to login. Individual BSAVA members can log in additionally to access member content, and any individual user can set up a personal account to access their own purchased content and use the personalisation features of the site, such as favorites and search alerts.


Below is an example of pricing for an annual subscription that gives access to all BSAVA manuals to all your staff:

2022 prices 2-5 FTE veterinarians 6-10 FTE veterinarians 11-20 FTE veterinarians
12 month access to all BSAVA manuals, including new titles as they are published £1,785 £2,675 £4,450

Larger prices and groups should contact [email protected] for a quote.

Find out more

Download the BSAVA Library brochure or contact [email protected]


I’ve grown up with BSAVA manuals from seeing practice as a schoolboy, through undergraduate studies and into my working life. ‘The manuals’ have been a constant companion for reference and support. Their clear and concise layout lends them to being the ‘go to’ quick reference during a busy consulting session. 

In my role within practice I was asked to appraise the practice library which revealed titles that were often dog eared, out of date or missing in action. As a growing practice with 9 sites purchasing a new set of physical BSAVA manuals was cost prohibitive. Add to this the issue that only one person can use a book at one time and books having the habit of growing legs and wandering off, a better solution was sought.

Through my BSAVA volunteering role, I was aware of the digitisation of the manuals. When the BSAVA Library went live my first feeling was that this could be a replacement for our paper resources in the practice.

I consulted the practice team on the range of titles that we wanted and liaised with the BSAVA team in Woodrow House. Once we had supplied the practice IP addresses we were up and running with the minimum of fuss. Now the entire team has 24 hour access from our sites to the manual series via our web browsers. The titles are fully searchable and it is really easy to quickly pull together information on a specific subject from across a number of titles.

From an administrative point of view, I can generate reports that allow me to see which titles staff are requesting that we don’t currently have. This allows me to see where demand within the clinic teams and which titles to purchase next. Feedback has been extremely positive with all staff that have used the resource and it has proven to be an extremely cost effective way to provide reference materials for the practice.

One of our recent graduates sent me this:

"The BSAVA library has been very beneficial to me in small animal practice. The library allows me to search for manual chapters, articles and podcasts for specific conditions or procedures, ensuring that I have the latest information available at the click of a button. By having online access, I am able to access these resources regardless of which branch I am located. I can quickly use search functions to find specific information chapters rather than having to scan pages, saving me time in practice. The ease of searching by species or topic ensures that I can target my searches to my clinical cases or my interests. On the whole, I find the BSAVA library ensures I can access a wider range of resources with more ease in busy clinics."

Graeme Eckford, Inglis Vets

We have been delighted with online access to the BSAVA library. The manuals provide up to date information presented in an easy to use way that invites both quick revision and deeper reading across a broad range of subjects. Accessing these manuals anywhere at anytime online has substantially increased the ease and speed of use and benefited patients directly, especially out of hours. From the practice point of view, all the manuals are kept pristine, available and always up to date! I would recommend online access to the BSAVA library to all individual vets and practices.

Richard Hewitt, Hollybank Veterinary Centre

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