BSAVA Small Animal Formulary Part B: Exotic Pets

image of BSAVA Small Animal Formulary Part B: Exotic Pets
  • Treatment of exotic pets can be challenging because of the wide variety of species and conditions that may be encountered. Although knowledge is progressing all the time, there remains a lack of data on commonly used drugs in these species. The exotic pet Formulary has been fully updated for 2020 with new drugs and expanded information on other drugs, reflecting the latest knowledge, with primary references where available. Dosages cover small mammals (including primates, sugar gliders and hedgehogs as well as rodents, rabbits and ferrets), birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Formulary Quick Links on the right side of the page provide useful supporting information including the prescribing cascade and protocols for chemotherapy and sedation and immobilization; a new addition is a table listing proprietary fish medicines.

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