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Appendix: client handouts and forms

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This appendix includes 37 client handouts that can be used as part of your consultation. Each has a text box in the top right corner where you can add practice details. There are also questionnaires that have been designed for use by owners of dogs or cats with behavioural problems. The owner can be asked to fill in the form prior to, or during, the first behavioural consultation with the veterinary surgeon/counsellor. There is a Referral Form which is designed for use by general practitioners when referring cases for behavioural consultations; it is approved by The British Veterinary Behaviour Association and was produced after consultation with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The form is the copyright of the BVBA but readers may print out and copy it for their own use. All of the handouts in this appendix are freely available to BSAVA members as part of their membership benefits (see client resources section).

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Adopting a rescue dog the pros and cons

Avoiding aggression in cats

Avoiding house soiling by cats

Avoiding house soiling by dogs

Avoiding urine marking by cats

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome

Complementary therapies in behaviour problems

Down, stay, mat exercises

Environmental enrichment_for cats in animal shelters

Environmental enrichment for dogs in animal shelters

Handling exercises for an aggressive cat

Handling exercises for puppies and kittens

Headcollar training

How to find a good trainer

Introducing a new cat into the household

Ladder of aggression

Leave it exercises

Litterbox training

Muzzle training

Nothing in life is free

Playing with your dog toys

Playing with your kitten

Puppy socialization getting used to new people

Recall exercises

Redirected aggression in dogs

Sit, Stay exercises

Taking your cat in the car

Teaching your dog to go to a place on command

The newly adopted rescue dog preventing problems

Treating a fear of car journeys using desensitization and counter-conditioning

Treating a fear of the veterinary clinic using desensitization and counter-conditioning

Treating a noise fear using desensitization and counter-conditioning

Treating separation anxiety in dogs

What your cat needs

What your cat needs: multi-cat households

What your dog needs

Your puppy’s first year

Canine behaviour profile

Canine behaviour questionnaire

Feline behaviour questionnaire

Noise fear score sheet

Pet Selection questionnaire

Questionnaire to assess separation anxiety

Request for information on problem behaviours

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