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Dermatophytes are a common cause of skin disease in pets; the actual frequency is not reported but contagion between animals, the potential for public health consequences, the expense of treatment and the difficulty of environmental control explains their importance. Dermatophytosis is caused by a group of taxonomically related fungi known as dermatophytes. Fungi are divided into moulds, which form hyphae, and yeasts, which are unicellular. Dermatophytes belong to the mould division of fungi and their growth is typically restricted to keratinized structures of the body (hair, nails and stratum corneum). Rarely, dermatophytes released from keratinized structures infect the dermis or subcutis and cause fluctuant nodules, which may develop draining sinuses in which granules of fungal hyphae may be seen. This chapter looks at Pathogenesis; Clinical approach; and Treatment.

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24.3 Dermatophytosis in a dog caused by . Dermatophytosis in a kitten caused by .
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24.4 Multifocal alopecia due to dermatophytosis in a dog. Well circumscribed patch of alopecia on the hip of a dog with dermatophytosis.
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24.5 Dermatophytosis of a canine paw. Note the misshapen nails.
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24.6 Dermatophytosis in a dog with concurrent demodicosis.
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24.7 Dermatophytosis in a kitten caused by .
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24.9 Arthrospores and mycelia in hairs.
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24.10 Dermatophyte identification chart ( ).
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24.12 Rapid sporulation medium (RSM) with bromocresyl blue colour indicator positive for pathogenic dermatophytes.
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24.13 Dermatophyte test medium (DTM) showing colour change simultaneous with the first app ea rance of growth, 4 days after inoculation of the medium.
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24.14 Dermatophyte test medium (DTM). Note the colour change 6 days after inoculation. Note the colour change 14 days after inoculation and the flat white colonies.

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