Origins and types of poultry

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This chapter introduces the history of poultry keeping and describes the variety of chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, pheasants and guinea fowl that readers might expect to see in practice.

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1.1 Red junglefowl (the ancestor of chickens). (Reproduced from the )
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1.2 Commercial brown hybrid chicken.
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1.3 Black Rock outdoor hybrid chicken.
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1.4 Young mixed outdoor hybrid chickens.
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1.5 Speckledy outdoor hybrid chicken.
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1.6 Mallard duck (the ancestor of most domestic ducks).
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1.7 Muscovy duck.
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1.8 Greylag goose (the ancestor of most domestic geese).
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1.9 Swan goose (the ancestor of Chinese and African domestic geese).

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