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The well documented behavioural problems associated with farmed poultry may also be seen in backyard birds. The prevention of behavioural problems requires knowledge of the natural behaviour of birds. This chapter mainly discusses the behaviour of the chicken, mentioning other gallinaceous birds and waterfowl where their natural behaviour varies significantly.

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Image of 3.2
3.2 Typical cockerel and harem of hens. (© J Chitty)
Image of 3.3
3.3 A turkey stag displaying during the breeding season. (© J Chitty)
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3.4 Typical flock of geese in a Russian village. In this large flock there may be several ganders: one is the dominant male and the others are juveniles and/or subordinates. These are the larger birds ‘keeping watch’ whilst the females graze. (© J Chitty)

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