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Inadequate husbandry compromises health, welfare and performance in terms of bird growth and egg production. Husbandry must meet the welfare requirements of poultry and take into consideration the Five Freedoms. This chapter covers housing, food and water provision, fundamentals of management, hatching and rearing.

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4.1 Small mobile ark.
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4.2 Field ark for larger flocks.
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4.3 Broody coop for hen and chicks.
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4.4 Poultry house of quality construction.
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4.5 Chickens on a perch.
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4.6 Perches should be higher than nest boxes.
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4.7 Hen on a nest.
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4.8 Secure fenced range area.
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4.9 A selection of drinkers.
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4.10 A drinker on a raised platform.
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4.11 A selection of feeders. A treadle feeder is shown on the right.
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4.12 Peafowl aviary with a netting roof to prevent escape.
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4.13 Handling a bird.
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4.14 The disease status of birds bought at markets and breed shows is unknown.
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4.15 Hatching eggs for sale.
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4.16 Dirt and faeces on eggs can infect the chicks.
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4.17 Different models of incubator have different design features. (a) A moving air incubator with humidity control and a tilting tray mechanism to turn eggs. (b) A contact and moving air incubator with humidity control and a roller mechanism for turning eggs. (Courtesy of Brinsea Products Ltd)
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4.19 Newly hatched wet chicks.
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4.20 Good brooding set-up.
Image of 4.21
4.21 Poor brooding set-up.
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4.23 Pullets in rear. Whilst hybrid pullets will reach point of lay at about 20–24 weeks of age, some pure breeds will not mature until 28–34 weeks of age.
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