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Equipment and surgical instrumentation

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This chapter considers the surgical biomaterials, instruments and equipment that aid veterinary surgeons in performing abdominal surgical procedures to the best of their ability. Practical tips are highlighted throughout.

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2.3 Barbed absorbable suture being passed through the loop at the distal end of the suture.
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2.4 Thoracoabdominal staplers (left to right): TA90; TA90 and V3 cartridges; TA30.
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2.5 An LDS™ stapler with staple cartridge loaded.
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2.7 Haemostatic agents (left to right): cellulose fabric; collagen sponge; gelatin sponge.
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2.8 Minimum instrument requirements for a general soft tissue surgical pack.
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2.9 Scissors (left to right): suture; Metzenbaum; Mayo; Potts.
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2.10 Scissor grips: (a) wide-based tripod; (b) backhand thumb–third finger; (c) ‘palmed’, leaving thumb and two fingers free.
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2.11 Thumb forceps grip: ‘palmed’, leaving thumb and two fingers free to use another instrument.
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2.12 Thumb forceps (top to bottom): Emmett; plain dressing; DeBakey; Adson; Gillies; Lane’s.
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2.13 Tissue forceps (top to bottom): Duval; Babcock; Lane’s; Allis.
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2.14 Bowel clamps: (left) Lang–Stevenson; (right) Doyen.
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2.15 Haemostatic forceps: (a) (left to right) Mixter; Halsted mosquito; Spencer–Wells; Crile; (b) (left) Kocher; (right) Rochester–Carmalt.
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2.16 Vascular clamps (left to right): Satinsky; DeBakey angled; bulldog.
Image of 2.17
2.17 Needle holders (left to right): Ryder; Mayo–Hegar; Olsen–Hegar; Gillies; MacPhail.
Image of 2.18
2.18 Hand-held retractors: (a) (left to right) Senn; Volkmann; Langenbeck; (b) (left to right) Morris; Deaver; malleable.
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2.19 Self-retaining retractors: (a) (left) Gelpi; (right) West; (b) (left to right) baby Balfour; Gosset; Balfour.
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2.20 Surgical cotton buds (Q-tips).
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2.21 Suction tubes (top to bottom): Frazier; Poole (metal, unassembled); Poole (disposable, assembled).
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2.22 Electrocautery handpieces: (left) monopolar; (right) bipolar.
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