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Neurological emergencies

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Diseases of the nervous system may manifest acutely and necessitate immediate intervention. Alternatively, they may develop over time; in this scenario it is still essential that they be identified and treated at an early stage. This chapter reviews the more common neurological emergencies in companion animals.

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9.3 Anatomical landmarks for atlanto-occipital CSF collection. A = wings of the atlas vertebra; B = occipital protruberance; C = site of fluid sampling. Created by Allison L. Wright, MS, CMI, Athens, Georgia, USA
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9.4 Lateral radiograph taken in neutral position demonstrating the typical findings of an atlanto-axial subluxation. There is increased space between the dorsal aspect of the atlas and the spinous process of the axis, as well as the dorsal displacement of the ventral axis from the ventral floor of the atlas.
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