Shelter design and flow of animals through a shelter

image of Shelter design and flow of animals through a shelter
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The appropriate design of a shelter is fundamental to optimizing the physical and psychological health and welfare of shelter animals. Each shelter will have individual considerations relating to its specific circumstances, and there are many design options. This chapter outlines the principles that should be incorporated into each individual design.

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Image of 10.1
10.1 Arial view of a shelter showing the layout of the entire site. (© Dogs Trust)
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10.2 Accommodation in a building. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.3
10.3 Stand-alone modules of pens. (© Cats Protection)
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10.4 Stress abatement barrier: these barriers allow dogs constant access to all areas of their kennel unit and they also allow dogs to be walked without impacting kennelled dogs. In addition, they can aid with managing acoustics and ventilation. (© Dogs Trust)
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10.5 Reception area. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.6
10.6 Quiet/relinquishment room. (© Dogs Trust)
Image of 10.7
10.7 Examination room. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.8
10.8 Surgical suite. (© Dogs Trust)
Image of 10.9
10.9 Behaviour room for cats. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.10
10.10 A ‘real life’ room looks more like a home environment. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.11
10.11 Outside dog exercise area. (© Dogs Trust)
Image of 10.12
10.12 Hill straw bales (low cost enrichment). (© Dogs Trust)
Image of 10.14
10.14 Isolation area. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.15
10.15 The Feline Fort® increases vertical space and provides places to hide. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.16
10.16 The Hide, Perch & Go box provides cats with a place to hide. (© Cats Protection) (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.17
10.17 Two-compartment cat pen with a raised cabin area and a larger ‘run’ area where the cat can move more and toilet in private.
Image of 10.18
10.18 Two-compartment walk-in style pen for cats. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.19
10.19 A cat maternity pen. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.20
10.20 Feral enclosure. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.21
10.21 Low-cost homemade puzzle feeder. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.22
10.22 Trixie cat activity fun board. (© Cats Protection)
Image of 10.23
10.23 Sniff holes in a glass-fronted kennel unit. (© Dogs Trust)
Image of 10.24
10.24 A whelping pen. (© Dogs Trust)
Image of 10.25
10.25 Larger pen with access to a dedicated run area. (© Dogs Trust)
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