Charities, their policies and staff

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Charities are often required to meet specific criteria, and each will have individual policies to achieve this. This chapter considers charity structure, purpose of the charity, policies, areas where it is important to have a defined policy, targets and key performance indicators, and people working with charities.

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20.1 This cat’s welfare has been compromised by being taken into the care of a no-kill organization with limited resources. (© Cats Protection)
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20.2 Some breeds or colours of animals can be especially hard to rehome; there are many reasons for this, including oversupply and/or superstition. It can be prudent to avoid having a high proportion of similar animals available for rehoming. (© Cats Protection)
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20.3 Homing an aggressive dog must be done with great care. (Stock image from www.dreamstime.com)
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