fIDEXX topic of the month: Lymphoma prognosis and therapy


Disease free intervals (DFI) of 252 days are achieved with CHOP protocols and of 147 days with short COP type. Median survival times (MST) in DLBCL are independent of the induction protocol as long as rescue therapy including doxorubicin is used at relapse. Peripheral T-cell LSAs and lymphoblastic T-cell LSAs are often doxorubicin resistant; with alkylating agent-based protocols like MOPP, LOPP o VELCAP-TSC remission times (175-200 days) are longer than with CHOP. Indolent T-zone LSAs have a favourable prognosis with TSM ranging from 21.2 to 33.5 months without therapy or with chlorambucil and prednisolone.

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