Regions Now: Top tips for cytology and an update on MICs

image of Regions Now: Top tips for cytology and an update on MICs
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Oliver Coldrick discusses aspects of cytology including: the differences between cytology and histopathology, the respective merits of both practices, how to provide a good slide and cytology’s place in the broader evidential picture. He then answers questions from the audience and provides some illustrative case studies. This 2-hour webinar is a recording of the live session from this Regions Now event, brought to you by our North East Region. Regions Now events comprise an introductory lecture with supporting content available one week before a live lecture. This is followed by a one-week online discussion forum allowing participants to offer observations about the lessons learned and describe their own experience in handling cases. Regions Now sessions are free to BSAVA members and available for non-members to book - visit the Regions page of the BSAVA website for details of future Regions Now events. Recordings will be available for 3 years via the BSAVA Webinar Library.

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