The tale of snuffles the rabbit

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Respiratory problems are commonly encountered in pet rabbits but represent a challenge to the veterinarian dealing with this species. Specific anatomic knowledge is required to be able to confidently handle these cases. Rabbits are almost obligate nasal breathers due to the position of the epiglottis engaged over the soft palate. This anatomical feature can result in more significant and debilitating respiratory compromise, when the upper respiratory tract is diseased, compared to other species. Adequate investigations are required to determine the full extent of the problem and identify all factors involved. This talk will enable delegates to make a logical assessment of respiratory disease in rabbits, and establish a more targeted treatment plan to increase the chances of a positive outcome. This recording replaces the South West Region meeting originally scheduled for 1st June 2020. Please note that the lecture recording and accompanying notes are as provided and have not been edited. This lecture is available to BSAVA members, others may purchase access, either by selecting ‘buy online access’, by using a library pass, or by subscribing to the entire webinar library.

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