Advanced blood gas analysis

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Figure 1: Independent variables influencing acid-base balance according to the simplified Stewart approach. SID is Strong Ion Difference, PCO2 refers to the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and Atot corresponds to the level of non-volatile weak buffers (weak acids/bases) in the extracellular fluid
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Figure 2: Figure indicates the normal electrostatic balance present in the extracellular fluid
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Figure 3: Figure indicating the addition of extra anionic charge (as might be caused by the addition of molecules such as lactate) to the extracellular fluid
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Figure 4: Figure indicates the consequence of the imbalance induced by the addition of extra anionic charge to the extracellular fluid and the resultant increase in level of hydrogen ions, re-establishing electrostatic balance ( Figure 5 , below), but creating a metabolic acidosis
Image of Figure 5:
Figure 5: Indicates the return to electrostatic balance within the extracellular fluid


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