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This chapter covers the general principles of treating otitis externa as well as the distinctions between managing acute versus chronic disease. The management of otitis media is also discussed in this chapter.

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20.2 Severe cerumenal gland hyperplasia in a Welsh Springer Spaniel. These changes are commonly found in spaniel breeds with chronic otitis externa.
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20.3 Clean ear canal and visible tympanic membrane on follow-up examination after treatment for otitis externa.
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20.4 The purple-coloured streaks evident on ear cytology during treatment of bacterial otitis represent neutrophilic debris indicating ongoing inflammation. Occasional cocci can be seen. Antimicrobial therapy should be continued until there is complete cytological resolution of both the infection and inflammation. (Original magnification X1000)
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20.5 Erythematoceruminous otitis in a Dogue de Bordeaux associated with spp. infection and underlying atopic dermatitis.
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20.6 Suppurative otitis externa associated with severe cerumenal gland hyperplasia and infection in a 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel.
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20.7 Soft tissue swelling and epithelial hyperplasia have thrown the ear canal lining into folds, creating a safe haven for microorganisms. Systemic glucocorticoids completely reversed these changes.
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20.8 Biofilm formation in a Cocker Spaniel with otitis externa.
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20.9 Photomicrograph showing the biofilm associated with suppurative otitis externa. Note the halo around the microorganisms consistent with a biofilm. (Original magnification X1000)
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20.12 Perforation of the tympanic membrane in a French Bulldog with otitis media.
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20.13 Air bubble escaping from the middle ear cavity through a perforation in the tympanic membrane (same case as Figure 20.8 ).

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