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This chapter covers the clinical presentation of dermatophytosis as well as the clinical approach to it, its treatment and any public health concerns.

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25.1 Localized dermatophytosis around the eye of a dog. Note the crusting that results from dry pustules and the demarcated alopecia.
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25.2 Chronic infection in a terrier. Note the focal draining tracts associated with folliculitis/furunculosis.
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25.3 Localized dermatophytosis on the nose of a cat. The crusting and alopecia are sharply demarcated in this patient.
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25.4 Kitten with dermatophytosis. In this patient, the erythema is present on most of the muzzle and on the legs.
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25.5 Mineral oil mount cytology for direct examination of an infected hair. (a) There is one infected hair in the field; note how much thicker and wider it is than the other hairs present (4X). (b) Close-up of the sample (10X).
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25.6 (a) Plug in Wood’s lamp with built-in magnification. (b) This lamp has two replaceable bulbs.
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25.7 Example of hairs with positive fluorescence as seen under a Wood’s lamp with magnification. These hairs would be ideal for sampling for direct examination and/or culture.
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