Actinic (solar) dermatoses

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This chapter discusses the clinical presentation, diagnostic tests and management of actinic (solar) dermatitis, actinic keratoses, squamous cell carcinoma and cutaneous haemangioma and haemangiosarcoma.

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32.1 Canine actinic dermatitis. (a) Erythema and scaling. (b, c) Erythema, indurated plaques and papules. (d) Erythematous plaques and comedones. (e) Furunculosis. (f) Haemorrhagic bullae. (a, Courtesy of G Burton)
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32.2 Canine actinic dermatitis. (a) English Bull Terrier with lesions affecting the face, ventrum and hind limbs. (b) Lesions on the nasal planum of a dog. (c) Lesions on the ventral abdomen and hind limb of a dog. (b, Courtesy of R Muse)
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32.3 Feline actinic dermatitis. (a) Erythema and scaling on the pinnae of a cat. (b) Progression to squamous cell carcinoma. There is crusting, erosion and haemorrhage on the pinna and face. (a, Courtesy of WT Clark)
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32.4 Histological characteristics of actinic dermatitis. There is epidermal hyperplasia, keratinocyte dysplasia and a subepidermal band of pale-staining collagen. (H&E stain; original magnification X40)
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32.5 A sun protection suit.
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32.6 Actinic keratoses and squamous cell carcinoma. There are multiple ulcerated nodules on the ventrum of this dog.
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32.7 Feline squamous cell carcinoma. There is crusting, erosion and haemorrhage on the eyelids, pre-auricular region and nasal planum of this cat.
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32.8 Solar-induced haemangioma on the ventrum of a dog.
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