A pot pourri of lagomorph pathology

image of A pot pourri of lagomorph pathology
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Rabbits are increasing in popularity as pets and this is mirrored by a corresponding growth in knowledge surrounding rabbit pathology and disease pathogenesis, both in terms of surgical biopsy submissions and post mortem investigations. This talk takes a systems-based approach to examine a selection of disease entities with distinctive gross pathology that may be encountered in lagomorphs. Cases have been selected to illustrate common conditions occurring in rabbits, less common conditions that are nonetheless very typical for the species, and conditions that highlight specific facets of rabbit anatomy or physiology. Emphasis is placed on the gross appearance of lesions to aid the veterinarian in their interpretation of macroscopic tissue changes. These are contextualised in terms of disease pathogenesis. In addition, some gross lesions from wild hares are described and discussed and comparisons drawn between these two species.

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