Does all bleeding eventually stop...?

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: Coagulopathies are commonly encountered in practice, and the veterinary nurse plays a key role in the triage, diagnostics, treatment and nursing care of the bleeding patient. In order to provide the best possible care for these patients, it is important to understand the types of coagulopathies seen in practice, the patients they commonly affect, the clinical signs we see, and how these conditions are diagnosed. This session discusses how coagulation occurs in the body, the pathways involved, and what happens when these go wrong. Common congenital and acquired coagulopathies that nurses encounter in practice are covered, together with the common diagnostic tests performed.

: This lecture discusses how to care for these patients in regards to patient handling, blood sampling and how to preserve these delicate vessels. It also covers monitoring for further deterioration and how to administer blood component therapy safely and what type of blood products to use and when.

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