Getting the most from your orthopaedic exam in the lame dog

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: This highly practical and clinically-applicable presentation demonstrates how to approach the orthopaedic examination in order to maximise the amount of diagnostic information that can be gathered in a short time. Video footage demonstrates various aspects of the examination, including practice tips on patient restraint and performing important manoeuvres. This session is heavily orientated towards the first-opinion clinical setting, and aims to provide delegates with useful tips and tools that can be applied to help improve the efficiency and usefulness of the orthopaedic consultation.

: This presentation discusses visual gait analysis. This is an extremely important part of an orthopaedic examination, being necessary to determine which limb is affected as well as the severity of the problem. The session covers how best to perform gait analysis, what to look for and how to gain the most information from this part of an examination. The aim is to increase confidence in performing visual gait analysis so as to aid in ability to correctly diagnose orthopaedic disease. A recording of a live discussion follows regarding various aspects of the orthopaedic evaluation of dogs and cats.

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