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: Femoral head and neck ostectomy is a salvage procedure for various conditions affecting the coxofemoral joint of cats and dogs. Considering that it is a relatively common procedure done by general practitioners and specialists alike, it is fraught with wide-ranging options, some labeling it as a perfectly innocuous solution to many hip problems and others as a sure method to cripple the animal. Never in large breeds, perfectly fine in cats, never bilaterally, simple salvage after total hip prosthesis gone bad – not much to be found in the veterinary literature on these opinions. The goal of this talk is not to argue for or against FHO as a surgical option. It is aimed at evaluating different clinical situations and possible treatment options, and other considerations to help improve function after FHO if this was the chosen treatment.

: This session discusses one of my favourite orthopaedic myths: cat fractures will heal as long as the two bone ends are in the same room. I remember first hearing this as a veterinary student, believing for many years that cat fractures were pretty much bound to heal however they were treated and very unlikely to suffer complications. There is very little in the literature regarding these common injuries, giving a limited evidence base for our decision-making. There is, however, some recent evidence showing that feline fractures suffer from exactly the same complications as canine fractures. The evidence is discussed, aiding us in making the best choices for our feline patients and ensuring they have the best outcomes possible.

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