Desperately seeking vets and nurses: how do I make my practice stand out?

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: Hiring clinical team members is harder today than ever before. A shortage of qualified and applicants has left many practices scratching their heads wondering where all the vets and nurses have gone. The old model of posting an advert on a job board and expecting the applications to roll in doesn’t work like it used to. Nowadays, successful recruiters must also be masters of digital marketing. To fill a vacancy, you are going to have to get a message that stands out, in front of as many vets and nurses as possible. You are going to need a campaign plan that ensures you deliver your message to the relevant places in a way that gets views, lots of views. Your advert is going to start life as a long-form written document that is the foundational piece of content. This one piece of content is then cut up into as many as 15 smaller derivative media types including video, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, story arcs for Facebook and Instagram, cross-posting/sharing on to influencer networks, and paid traffic advert campaigns. This session covers how to take a basic advert and turn it into a veritable feast of derivative content offerings that will help you reach your desired candidates. Practices may find this slightly overwhelming, but it is worth the investment because being able to reach the employment market in this way allows you a very big competitive advantage when it comes to fills your vacancies.

: A job advert is also an opportunity to market the practice and impress applicants and other interested parties. An advert will need to be designed that will attract candidates that meet the job description and should include: the job title, practice name, logo and website address; an eye-catching headline; brief description of the practice and what it does; summary of the job such as, responsibilities, duties and hours; the skills and abilities required to make an application considered; the benefits that go with the post and employment; ways to apply such as, either an application form, application letter or CV; contact details for further information if appropriate or required; The closing date for applications. You may also wish to include any additional relevant accreditations or awards that the practice may have.

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