Good team players are found not made: how to choose wisely

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: I’m a strong believer that very few people intend to be the bad team player, but too often we find ourselves working with others who seem to be pulling in a totally different direction or are just out for themselves. What can you do during the recruitment process to help reduce the chance of selecting the wrong person for the role or for your team? Are you 100% clear with who and what you are looking for in the first place-just a vet, a nurse, someone to fill the gap? Which behaviours are you looking for in your new employee? What values match the values and culture of the team and the practice? Are you even sure of the values and culture in your team? If not, how can you be sure to recruit the right person that will fit and be a ‘good team member’ that you are looking for? These are some fundamental questions to be asked prior to recruiting anyone, skills can be learnt (as long as the relevant qualifications are present), forget the letters after the name and look at the person, the values and think about the match you are making. This session discusses how you can attract and retain the right people for your team.

: Ernie Ward offers the top attributes his management teams evaluate when hiring team members.

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