On fire or burning out? Why self care really matters

image of On fire or burning out? Why self care really matters
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Perhaps more than ever, the veterinary profession is challenged with burnout, fatigue, and loss of passion. Ernie Ward shares his top tips for ‘real-world self-care’ that have helped sustain his energy and enthusiasm over 30 years in the veterinary profession. From healthy dietary advice, to exercise and sleep, to mediation and infrared sauna, Dr. Ward draws on his experiences as multiple business and practice owner, impact entrepreneur, endurance athlete, and author along with training as certified personal trainer and triathlon coach to provide you with daily habits that get results. Dr. Ward reviews the technologies and gadgets he relies on for biofeedback along with his 30-second daily gratitude practice that will help ‘tilt you toward optimism’. If you’re seeking a healthier lifestyle, eager to reclaim your enthusiasm for veterinary practice, struggle with adhering to wholesome habits, or simply want to shed a few pounds, this presentation has something for you.

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