Help, it’s an exotics emergency – what do I do?

image of Help, it’s an exotics emergency – what do I do?
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: While it is impossible to cover all triage and emergency assessment of all exotics in one talk (exotics can encompass several hundred species even in general non-zoo practice), there are important first principles that apply to emergency care of any animal. Unsurprisingly these are much the same as for dogs and cats. This talk covers a basic A,B,C approach for emergency care of exotics showing examples of how dog/cat emergency care can be applied to exotics (birds, reptiles, and small mammals) allowing any practitioner to fulfil their RCVS requirements and stabilise a patient before progressing to further diagnostics and treatment or referral to a more specialised center.

An accurate triage assessment of a sick or injured reptile is vital to enable a clinician to instigate correct first aid and emergency care. This short presentation provides the primary care veterinarian with the knowledge to perform a brief but thorough assessment of a reptile presented urgently, and provide correct stabilisation and first aid.

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