fSession 2: Neurology and oncology


Oral presentations given during the BSAVA Abstract sessions 24-26 May 2021. Serum C-reactive protein does not predict outcome in dogs with severe spinal cord injury secondary to intervertebral disc extrusion; Owner reported management of inter-ictal anxiety behaviours in canine epilepsy; Comparison of serum C-reactive protein in dogs with idiopathic and structural epilepsy; Bilateral trigeminal neuropathy associated with multicentric lymphoma in two dogs: clinical presentation, MRI findings and flow cytometry characteristics; Prognostic factors for survival in dogs with cerebral glioma receiving primary radiotherapy: a pilot study; Sinonasal mycosis as a long-term complication following transfrontal craniotomy in 3 dogs; Clinical features, treatment and outcome of bacterial meningitis in dogs; Slosh simulation in a computer model of canine syringomyelia; Cranial nerve assessment in normal and systemically unwell cats; Complications arising from cerebrospinal fluid collection in dogs: a retrospective case series.

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