BSAVA Guide to Nutrition

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Veterinary professionals are often called upon to provide guidance on appropriate nutrition for animals under their care. Since nutrition is the cornerstone of all good veterinary care it should ideally form part of the discussion with every pet owner seeking advice about their pet. As veterinary professionals, our advice to our clients should always be based on sound scientific evidence, whenever available, excellent clinical reasoning and informed risk management. Given the wealth of information available to pet owners, it is the responsibility of veterinary professionals to assist them in making decisions about what to feed their pet. As well as ensuring that minimum nutritional requirements are met, the chosen diet should ideally provide optimal nutrition. Updated in 2023, this guide now includes 4 new sections on alternative protein-based diets, plant-based diets, obesity care and restricted activity.

A free webinar The essential ingredients for a good nutritional recommendation is now available to provide additional support.

Last updated: August 2023. If you previously bought the full guide you should automatically have access to the new chapters.

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