Blood gas analysis and pulse oximetry

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Physical examination alone can provide a wealth of information about the presence, nature and severity of cardiorespiratory disease; however, findings are subjective and may on occasion be misleading. Arterial blood gas analysis and pulse oximetry are objective methods used to identify and quantify hypoxaemia and to assess progression over time. Arterial blood gas analysis also provides objective information about ventilation. The chapter covers the following: Arterial blood gas analysis; and Pulse oximetry.

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12.1 Oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve demonstrating the sigmoidal relationship between the O and the O.
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12.2 Taking an arterial sample from the dorsal metatarsal artery. Note the use of a syringe specifically designed for arterial sampling. The syringe is prefilled with air to the volume required and once the artery is punctured it fills under arterial pressure.
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