Pregnancy diagnosis, normal pregnancy and parturition in the queen

image of Pregnancy diagnosis, normal pregnancy and parturition in the queen
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The breeding of cats is a common pastime and there is a large industry of professional breeders producing pedigree cats for the show and pet markets. Cat breeding within research colonies is nor uncommon, providing a reproductive model for a number of exotic feline species that are endangered. The chapter looks at pregnancy diagnosis; normal pregnancy; care of the pregnant queen; parturition; the postpartum period.

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11.1 Plasma progesterone concentrations and periods of behavioural oestrus in the non-ovulating queen (bottom), ovulating but non-pregnant queen (middle) and pregnant queen (top).
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11.2 Ultrasonogram of the thorax of a feline fetus demonstrating the hyperechoic vertebrae casting acoustic shadows, and the centrally positioned hypoechoic heart with anechoic chambers.
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11.6 Changes in weight during pregnancy and lactation in the queen. NB Weight changes are expressed as a percentage change from the non-pregnant weight.
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