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Determining breeding status

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Understanding the basic physiology of reproduction is important to ensure that breeding of fertile males to fertile females occurs at the correct time in order to maximize the number of pregnancies as well as the number of offspring per litter. This chapter looks at both the bitch and the queen’s breeding status.

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5.2 Plasma concentration of progesterone in relation to ovulation. A = angulated phase; D = declining phase; I = inactive phase; O = oedematous phase; S = shrinkage phase (see text for details).
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5.5 Vaginal cytology. The appearance of exfoliated cells during pro-oestrus, oestrus and metoestrus.
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5.8 Endoscopic appearance of the vaginal mucosa at various phases in the bitch. Inactive phase. Oedematous phase. Angulated phase. Declining phase. Inactive phase following the declining phase. (Courtesy of F.E.F. Lindsay)
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