Ferrets: nervous and musculoskeletal disorders

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Diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems in ferrets are rarely reported. A few cases have been reported in the USA, but this does not necessarily reflect what is seen in private practice as many unusual and interesting conditions undoubtedly go unreported. All cases should be approached in a logical and systematic manner. The adage that ‘you will miss more by not looking than by not knowing’ holds true. Although a list of differential diagnoses exists for ferrets, it may be wise to broaden one’s thoughts and include conditions seen in other species to ensure that the diagnosis is not missed. This chapter gives detail of Neurological examination; Other diagnostic tests; and Differential diagnoses. It examines specific conditions such as aleutian disease, listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, botulism and seizure among others.

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Image of 28.2
28.2 Positioning of spinal needle for cervical CSF tap. Positioning of spinal needle for lumbar CSF tap. Ultrasound guidance may be used for CSF tap.
Image of 28.4
28.4 Chordoma on tail tip. (Courtesy of Peter Fisher.)
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28.5 Osteoma of the skull.
Image of 28.6
28.6 Osteosarcoma of the tibia. (Courtesy of Peter Fisher.)
Image of 28.7
28.7 Barium study showing megaoesophagus in a ferret that had ear mites and a head tilt. Dilated oesophagus at post-mortem examination.
Image of 28.8
28.8 Ferret with ear mites and head tilt that went on to develop megaoesophagus.
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