Tumours of the liver

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The liver is the largest parenchymous organ in the body and receives blood from both portal and systemic sources. Possibly because of these factors, 46% of all tumours that occur in the liver of the dog are of metastatic origin. The chapter deals with tumour types and behaviour; presentation and clinical signs; clinical approach; management; prognosis.

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Image of 15.42
15.42 Widespread metastatic deposits in the liver of a 12-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback with a splenic haemangiosarcoma.
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15.43 Nodular hyperplasia in an 8-year-old Springer Spaniel. This condition is an important differential for all liver masses.
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15.44 The massive form of hepatocellular carcinoma in a dog.
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15.45 Carcinoma of the bile duct, a common malignant non-haemopoietic hepatic tumour in dogs. (Courtesy of Julius Liptak)
Image of 15.46
15.46 Benign adenoma of the bile duct (hepatobiliary cystadenoma) in a dog, showing the cystic appearance. (Courtesy of Julius Liptak)
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15.47 A T1-weighted dorsal MR image of the tumour mass shown in Figure 15.44 . Such images provide good anatomical information and help guide a decision on whether surgical resection is possible, based on the involvement of the hilar region.
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15.48 Laparoscopy can provide an effective strategy for obtaining visually guided biopsy specimens from the liver when patient factors or the location of the tumour precludes the use of ultrasound-guided percutaneous techniques.
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15.49 During exploratory laparotomy, larger mid-parenchymal samples can be obtained with the use of a sterile cutaneous biopsy punch. Any bleeding may be stopped by plugging the defect with a piece of haemostatic sponge.
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