Tumours of the spleen

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Although tumours of the haemopoietic system often involve the spleen, this reticuloendothelial organ is also an important site for the development of non-lymphoid primary tumours and a site for metastasis. This chapter deals with canine splenic tumours; feline splenic tumours.

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19.21 These erythrocytes are acanthocytes, which have rounded projections of variable length due to membrane damage. (Modified Wright’s–Giemsa stain, original magnification X1000) (Courtesy of C Sommerey, Clinical Pathology, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge)
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19.22 Splenic haemangiosarcoma removed from a 6-year-old neutered female Mastiff. The primary tumour has ruptured, but secondary masses can be seen in the spleen and liver. (Courtesy of Duncan Lascelles)
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19.24 Histiocytic sarcoma from the spleen of a Flat-coated Retriever.
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