Surgical facilities – design, management, equipment and personnel

image of Surgical facilities – design, management, equipment and personnel
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The basic aims of good theatre design and practice are to create a flexible work space, efficient work flow and as clean an environment as possible to minimize contamination of the surgical patient. Minimizing patient contamination will, in turn, reduce the number of surgical infections. Surgical infections have significant cost to the patient, owner and practice. Although surgical infections will occur in even the best designed and managed theatres, a good understanding of basic principles of design and management will keep them to a minimum. The chapter covers the following: Surgical facility design; Personnel and responsibilities and Good theatre practice.

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1.1 Anaesthesia and patient preparation area.
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1.2 Transferring a patient from the contaminated area to the clean area of the surgical facility. Separate trolleys are used in each area.
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1.3 Glass pass-through cabinets allow storage of sterile items between the theatre and the sterile corridor.
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1.4 Sinks in the surgeon scrub area.
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1.5 General view of an operating theatre. Note the PVC-lined walls and coved flooring.
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1.6 Piped gas outlets for oxygen, surgical air and active scavenging.
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1.7 A pair of ceiling-mounted theatre lights.
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1.9 Height-adjustable operating table.
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1.10 Vacuum theatre positioning aids.
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1.11 A Bair Hugger patient warming system.
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1.12 Anaesthetic machine, demonstrating extensive monitoring, ventilation and fluid delivery systems.
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1.15 Colour-coded and labelled theatre cleaning bucket.
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