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Surgical staplers may be used in a wide variety of cutaneous, abdominal, thoracic and other veterinary surgical procedures. Possible advantages of surgical staplers over manual suturing include: Reduction of surgical time (operative and anaesthetic); Reduced tissue trauma/manipulation; Reduction or elimination of surgical contamination; Easy and secure closure of large vessels, vascular pedicles and gastrointestinal, lung, liver and splenic tissue (which is especially useful in areas that are difficult to reach and dissect manually). This chapter deals with Linear staplers; Linear cutter staplers; Circular staplers; Ligate and divide stapler (LDS); Vascular clip applicators; Skin staplers; and Current and future developments.

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6.2 Selection of reusable linear staplers for use with different cartridge lengths.
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6.3 Examples of cartridges used with linear reusable staplers, including three lengths of a standard cartridge staple size (blue) and a 30 mm long vascular staple cartridge (white).
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6.4 B-shaped staple showing open and closed staple width, leg length and closed height. Drawn by S.J. Elmhurst BA Hons (www.livingart.org.uk) and reproduced with her permission.
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6.6 Partial gastrectomy being performed with a combination of linear cutter staplers and linear staplers.
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6.7 Complete liver lobectomy before placement of a linear stapler. after placement of a linear stapler.
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6.8 Partial lung lobectomy using a 30 mm vascular staple cartridge.
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6.9 Reusable linear cutter with the two arms disassembled and a single-use cartridgein the middle.
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6.11 Partial lung lobectomy performed with a linear cutter for excision of a pulmonary bleb. Application of stapler appearance of the staple line
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6.12 Circular stapler for performing end-to-end anastomosis. Reproduced from .
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6.13 Ligate and divide stapler with single-use cartridge inserted.
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6.14 Ligate and divide stapler being used for splenectomy.
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6.15 Vascular clip applicator, where the staple is automatically reloaded at the tip after firing.
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