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Neoplastic diseases of reptiles are frequently documented in the literature. This chapter concentrates on common tumours as well as those in which more detailed clinical information has been collected. This chapter opens up with general diagnostics and treatment, with the majority of the chapter describing specific tumours found in reptiles in depth.

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Image of 23.1
23.1 Cytology is required to distinguish granulomas from neoplasia. This white mass over the joint of a leopard gecko is articular gout (arrowed).
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23.4 Cloacal carcinoma in a desert iguana. This is a formalin-fixed specimen.
Image of 23.5
23.5 Endoscopic view of a tracheal chondroma in a ball python. (Courtesy of Angela Lennox)
Image of 23.6
23.6 Longitudinal sections through the heart of a corn snake supporting metastatic foci (arrowed) of a chondrosarcoma. The foci are white and glisten.
Image of 23.7
23.7 Histology of a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma from a bearded dragon. (Haematoxylin and eosin stain; X10 objective)
Image of 23.8
23.8 A large mottled yellow caudal coelomic mass is a malignant chromatophoroma in a bearded dragon. The coelomic fat pads have atrophied.
Image of 23.9
23.9 An ulcerated liposarcoma in a boa constrictor. (Courtesy of Bob Dahlhausen)
Image of 23.10
23.10 Subcutaneous mast cell tumours in a green iguana. (Courtesy of Sarah Fassler)
Image of 23.11
23.11 A thyroid adenoma in a green iguana (arrowed).
Image of 23.12
23.12 (a) Stomatitis in a diamond python with lymphoma. (b) New methylene-blue staining of an oral swab demonstrating lymphoblasts. (Courtesy of Paul Raiti)
Image of 23.13
23.13 A renal carcinoma in a boa constrictor. (Courtesy of Robert Schmidt)
Image of 23.14
23.14 Multicentric and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (PNST) in a kingsnake.
Image of 23.15
23.15 An ovarian teratoma in a green iguana. (Courtesy of Chris Sanders)
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