Preventive behavioural medicine for dogs

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The importance of providing families with tools and information they need to raise their pets properly cannot be overemphasized. Puppies that are raised by educated owners are more likely to exhibit appropriate and acceptable behaviour, and less likely to develop behaviour problems. This chapter covers pre-selection advice, introducing the puppy into the household, preventing aggression, learning and rule setting, confinement training, housetraining, destructive behaviour, play-biting, jumping up, puppy socialization and training classes, veterinary visits.

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6.1 A young poodle puppy receives a treat while being exposed to a hairdryer.
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6.2 Using a food treat to teach a puppy to sit.
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6.3 Providing puppies with suitable chew toys helps prevent unacceptable chewing behaviour.
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6.4 A quiet controlled puppy class. Owners practise asking their puppies to stay whilst on the lead as the puppies wait for their turn to play.
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6.5 Classes enable socialization with other puppies of different breeds, colour, shapes and sizes.
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