Atopic dermatitis and adverse food reactions

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Canine atopic dermatitis is the most common manifestation of the atopic state. Dogs may also develop atopic conjunctivitis and rhinitis, apparently triggered by environmental allergens. In most cases of canine atopic dermatitis, an allergen-specific IgE is present; however, atopic dermatitis-like clinical signs may develop without detectable IgE. The reason for this is currently not understood. The term atopic dermatitis-like dermatitis is used to refer to these cases. Adverse food reactions encompass both immunological and non-immunological reactions to elements in the diet, and can present as clinically identical dermatitis. Owing to the similarity in clinical presentation, the International Committee on Atopic Disease in Animals has proposed that canine atopic dermatitis should be considered to be triggered by environmental or food allergens, or a combination of both. For practical purposes it is useful to consider atopic dermatitis, adverse food reactions and flea allergic dermatitis as potentially co-existing problems. This chapter looks at Environmental atopic dermatitis; and Adverse food reactions.

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18.2 Canine atopic dermatitis. Ventral erythema of the axillae, abdomen and groin in a crossbred dog. Interdigital erythema in a 3-year-old neutered Labrador Retriever bitch. A 3-year-old male Labrador Retriever with typical clinical features of atopic dermatitis: note the involvement of the paws, ventral abdomen and periorbital areas. Alopecia is secondary to self-trauma.
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18.3 Lichenification and hyperpigmentation in a dog with chronic atopic dermatitis. Note the typical distribution of lesions. Periocular region, muzzle and pinnae. Axilla and inner forelimb.
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18.4 Chronic otitis externa in a 5-year-old Cocker Spaniel with atopic dermatitis.
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18.5 Focal acral lick dermatitis of the left foreleg of a 7-year-old German Shepherd Dog bitch with atopic dermatitis.
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18.6 Bacterial folliculitis on the ventral abdomen of a dog with atopic dermatitis.
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18.7 Intertrigenous dermatitis in the axillary region of a Beagle with canine atopic dermatitis.
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18.11 Skin test with numerous positive reactions in a 5-year-old male collie cross.
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18.15 Multifocal folliculitis on the trunk of a 10-month-old Dogue de Bordeaux with an adverse food reaction.
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18.16 A 10-month-old neutered Labrador Retriever bitch with an adverse food reaction. The clinical signs are concentrated on the face. The same dog after 4 weeks on a hypoallergenic diet trial.
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