Investigation of symmetrical alopecia in dogs

image of Investigation of symmetrical alopecia in dogs
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The purpose of this chapter is to provide a diagnostic approach to symmetrical alopecia that should help veterinary surgeons better manage these cases.

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26.3 Hair loSS affecting the black areas of the coat in a 2-year-old Rat Terrier. The close-up view shows the left side of the dog’s chest.
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26.4 Bilateral and symmetrical alopecia of a Dobermann with colour-dilution alopecia.
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26.5 Alopecia linked to breed but not to coat colour. Alopecia of the side of the trunk spreading over the dorsum of an Irish Water Spaniel with follicular dysplasia. Bilateral symmetrical alopecia of the thighs of a Keeshond with alopecia X. Alopecia and cutaneous hyperpigmentation in a Pomeranian with alopecia X. Bilaterally symmetrical alopecia of the thighs of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever with follicular dysplasia.
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26.6 Bilateral symmetrical alopecia of the pinnae of a Yorkshire Terrier with pattern baldness.
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26.7 Bilateral symmetrical alopecia of a crossbred dog with canine recurrent flank alopecia.
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26.10 Suggested approach to the investigation of symmetrical alopecia in the dog. CRFA = canine recurrent flank alopecia.
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