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This chapter is designed to give information on communicating with clients, including advising clients on buying pets; advising clients on pet behaviour, including puppy parties; nutrition and feeding; obesity and weight clinics; pet reproduction; neutering of pets; control of infectious diseases; vaccination; overseas travel with pets and pet passports; and management of parasitic infections; preparing the client for euthanasia of a pet; the grief sequence and dealing with bereavement; admission and discharge of patients; and the processing of payments from clients.

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2.3 The telephone is an important means of client communication.
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2.5 A puppy party in a veterinary hospital waiting room.
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2.11 Regular checks of weight and girth should be made.
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2.14 Ovulation in the queen.
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2.18 Kittening box. This queen has had a Caesarean section.
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2.23 Methods of prevention of spread of disease.
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2.24 Some vaccines, for example the kennel cough vaccines, are given via the intra-nasal route.
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2.25 Microchipping.
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2.26 EU Pet Passport.
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2.27 life cycle.
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2.29 Life cycle of Dipylidium caninum.
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2.30 Flea life cycle.
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2.34 Some examples of options for the return of ashes. Left to right: wooden casket; metal urn; box for scattering.
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2.35 Example of a euthanasia consent form. The form must be signed by the owner, or their representative, who must be over 18 years of age.
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2.36 Example of a consent form.
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2.37 Example of a discharge form.
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2.38 Examples of debit and credit card payment equipment.
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