fManaging clinical environments, equipment and materials

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This chapter is designed to give information on the environmental conditions that should be maintained in each clinical area; methods of prevention and spread of infection, including methods of cleaning; methods of waste disposal; Isolation and barrier nursing; and the management of stock in the veterinary practice.

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4.2 Consultation room, with a wide door leading to the treatment area.
4.3 Dispensary area between two consultation rooms.
4.5 Preparation and triage room.
4.7 Recovery kennel, allowing good patient observation.
4.8 Tiered hospital kennels in an inpatient ward.
4.10 Individual run areas for long-stay patients.
4.12 Suitable protective clothing for working in an isolation unit: disposable gloves; disposable plastic apron; disposable plastic over boots; goggles; and mask.


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