Raptors: parasitic disease

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Free-living birds tolerate their parasites but are not confined to a limited physical space, which means that their immediate environment is not subjected to an escalating level of contamination. This chapter explores ectoparasites, endoparasites and advice to clients.

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Image of 18.1
18.1 on a European Eagle Owl.
Image of 18.2
18.2 Mites. Red poultry mite. Northern poultry mite. Feather mite. (© John Chitty)
Image of 18.3
18.3 Lice from Oriental White-backed Vulture. The longer thinner parasites are adapted to the remiges, while the shorter ones are from the body feathers. The close-up view identifies the short species as typical chewing lice (Mallophaga). (© John Chitty)
Image of 18.4
18.4 Louse eggs on a Harris’ Hawk.
Image of 18.5
18.5 Flat-fly (Hippoboscidae). (© John Chitty)
Image of 18.6
18.6 Ascarid egg. (© Michael Lierz)
Image of 18.7
18.7 sp. Infection on the tongue of a Common Buzzard. Egg. (© Michael Lierz)
Image of 18.8
18.8 . Egg. Endoscopic view of adult worms within the trachea. (© Michael Lierz)
Image of 18.9
18.9 eggs. (Courtesy of Jaime Samour)
Image of 18.10
18.10 Severe sinusitis and central nervous system signs in a Common Kestrel with infection.
Image of 18.11
18.11 Trematode egg. (© Michael Lierz)
Image of 18.12
18.12 Trichomoniasis in a Sparrowhawk. (© John Chitty)
Image of 18.3
18.3 Sporulated oocyst.
Image of 18.14
18.14 Cryptosporidiosis. Clinical presentation in a Gyrfalcon. Cytology reveals the organisms. (b, courtesy of Tom Bailey)
Image of 18.5
18.5 spp. in the erythrocytes of a Snowy Owl’s lung tissue.
Image of 18.16
18.16 in the blood of a Snowy Owl.
Image of 18.17
18.17 .
Image of 18.18
18.18 in the blood of a raptor. (Courtesy of Gerry Dorrestein)

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