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Respiratory disease is a ‘blanket’ phrase used to describe a multitude of diseases and syndromes that cause similar clinical signs in pigeons: sneezing, swollen sinuses, oculonasal discharge, dyspnoea, etc. This chapter explores predisposing factors; clinical signs and diagnosis; diseases; treatment; prevention and control; and the bigger picture.

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30.2 The optimal fresh air flow direction to prevent respiratory disease. Ventilation is essential to reduce incidence of respiratory disease. Removable roofs can be used for setting up an air flow within the pigeon loft. Solid floor. (a,c, courtesy of E and R Schmölz; b, courtesy of Colin Walker)
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30.3 Times of risk of disease transmission: at a pigeon show; travelling in pigeon crates; travelling in racing baskets. (Courtesy of Colin Walker)
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30.7 Conjunctivitis. Ocular discharge. (Courtesy of Colin Walker)
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30.8 Aspergillosis in the air sacs. (Courtesy of Colin Walker)
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30.10 Investigation of a respiratory problem in a pigeon loft.
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