Pigeons: systemic and non-infectious diseases

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Pigeons do not have a gall bladder. Bile drains directly through the right hepatic duct into the duodenum. If this duct gets blocked and then becomes dilated, it may resemble a gall bladder on ultrasound or at postmortem examination. This chapter considers hepatic disease; renal disease; endocrine disease; cardiovascular disease; eye disease; neurological disease; reproductive and paediatric disease; oncology; poisoning; and feather disease.

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Image of 32.2
32.2 Green urates in the kidneys of a dove with hepatic necrosis.
Image of 32.5
32.5 Articular gout in a Woodpigeon. (Courtesy of Kevin Eatwell)
Image of 32.10
32.10 Egg binding in a pigeon. The medullary bone (arrowed) indicates adequate calcium. The deformed egg is clearly visible.
Image of 32.13
32.13 Abdominal xanthoma. Foot tumour.
Image of 32.15
32.15 Preparing for a race. A water mist can be used to straighten the flight feathers. (Courtesy of E and R Schmölz)
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