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This chapter looks at the facilities required in the exotic pet ward, housing and nutritional requirements for hospitalized exotic and wildlife patients, the care of orphaned mammals, birds and reptiles, cleaning and disinfection, zoonotic diseases and health and safety. Includes self-assessment questions.

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5.1 A ward for avian and reptilian patients.
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5.2 A commercially available fogging machine can be used with F10 Biocare to disinfect the environment.
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5.3 A selection of equipment necessary to perform daily inpatient checks, feeding and medication. Equipment shown includes: commonly used drugs; Tamodine scrub and toothbrush; Reptoboost; Critical Care Formulas for both reptiles and herbivores; weighing tank and digital scales; variety of crop/feeding tubes; fluids; Durapore tape; stethoscope; bowl; heparin flush; and a variety of needles and syringes.
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5.5 Vacutainer for diluting medication.
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5.6 Birds appreciate a bath; it will help them to keep their feathers in good condition, as well as providing enrichment activity.
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5.7 A mop head suspended from the wall or ceiling of the incubator simulates the presence of the ducklings’ mother. (Courtesy of the Wildlife Aid Foundation)
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5.9 A small plastic container placed on a heat mat can be used for temporary housing of small reptiles.
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5.15 Smaller species can be weighed in a box or container, to the nearest gram.
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5.16 A Doppler ultrasound probe is used for monitoring reptile hearts.
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5.17 An example of a commercial misting spray for birds.


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