Toxins – common feline poisonings

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Cats are fastidious eaters and accidental ingestion of toxins is often considered less likely in cats than in dogs, although hunting cats may kill and eat animal prey that has itself ingested a toxin and may be poisoned by this route. This chapter considers lilies, permethrin, ethylene glycol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, paracetamol, onions and garlic and rodenticides.

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4.9.1 All parts of the lily plant are highly toxic to cats. (© Martha Cannon)
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4.9.2 Lily pollen such as this must be washed off a cat’s coat immediately. (© Martha Cannon)
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4.9.4 Paracetamol toxicity causes brown discoloration of the blood, due to methaemoglobinaemia. (© Martha Cannon)
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