Managing skin disorders

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This chapter will focus on the management of the most important skin disorders encountered in feline practice, notably infectious, allergic skin diseases and flea infestation. : Dietary trial for cutaneous adverse food reaction.

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6.1 Periorbital alopecia, crusting and erythema due to infection in a young cat.
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6.2 Eosinophilic plaques in a cat with eosinophilic granuloma complex (see Chapter 5.26); this can be a manifestation of atopic dermatitis or cutaneous adverse food reaction.
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6.3 The life cycle of the cat flea. The entire life cycle is usually completed in 3–4 weeks, but can take anything from 12 to 174 days. Ideal conditions for the life cycle are relative humidity <70% and environmental temperature 20–30°C. (Images courtesy of Maggie Fisher)
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